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This page contains information for current employees of Kosciusko County Government.


Want to schedule an appointment at the employee clinic, here is a link to the scheduling software. 

Need to look up an EOB, find a provider or have other questions about UMR , click the link.

Want to manage your PERF account or make changes, here is the link to INPRS  (PERF).

Have questions about what the county employee medical plan covers, check the 2018 UMR Medical Summary Plan Description

Here is the 2019 Summary of Benefits so you can check deductibles and copays

Have questions about how our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) work, check the Flex Plan

Information about FSA's in general click here Flex Spending Account Information

Need a claim form for your FSA?  click FSA Claim Form

Have questions about how Short Term Disability works, check the Short Term Disability Plan

Below are medical related notices that, as an employer, Kosciusko County Government is required to provide the information to all employees.


Spousal Rider


Medicare Part D

Preventive Care for Women

Women's Health

Exchange Notice



Mental Health

Michelle's Law

Short Term Disability

Wellness Program