Section Corners on Beacon Web Site

Section Corners are currently being updated and maintained on the Beacon website. These are being updated in conjunction with the Section Corner Book, the State Coordinates, and the Field Books as the Section Corners are located. Instruction on accessing this information is listed below.

Section Corners

Above is an example of Section Corner data as displayed on the Beacon website.

A: This is the Section Corner Book Page.  By clicking on "Section Corner Book" under Topics of Interest, you can then choose the correct township and find the corresponding page within the PDF

B: This is the Field Book and Field Book Page number.  By clicking on "Section Corner Field Books" under Topics of Interest, you can choose the correct field book and find the corresponding page within the PDF

C: This is the date (if available) that GPS coordinates were taken of this section corner.  If a date is available, click on "Section Corner State Coordinates" under Topics of Interest and find the corresponding date and Section Corner within the PDF.

Note: Section Corner data is periodically reviewed and may not be completely up-to-date.  Furthermore, the icons are not in the exact location of the section corners.  They are offset slightly. Additional Section Corner information is available in the County Surveyor's Office.

Section Corner Etna Green
Section Corner found in Etna Green Dated July 16, 1857
Section Corner 12-34-2
  Section 12 Township 32 North Range 4 East
NE 9-33-6
NE Section 9 Township 33 N Range 6 East