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Mobile Home Transfers

THE COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE IS GLAD TO HELP WITH QUESTIONS RELATED TO MOBILE HOME PERMITS. If you have questions after reading the information below on mobile home assessments/title transfers/demands /judgments, please feel free to contact the County Treasurer's Office at 1-574-372-2370 or by email at
In the State of Indiana mobile homes located in mobile home parks or on land not owned by the mobile home owner are assessed as of January 1st each year. Mobile home taxes are paid in the current year so a January 1st assessment means you will receive a tax bill that will be due May and November of the current year.
Effective January 15, 2013 there will be a $10 fee for Mobile Home Permits.
Permits are required for all transfers and moving of mobile homes.
If the mobile home is no longer owned by the person listed on the assessment notice, the owner must bring the mobile home title to the County Treasurer's Office and apply for a Mobile Home Title Transfer Permit. All property tax must be paid to obtain the permit including property taxes assessed to previous owners. It is vital that mobile home transfers be obtained to prevent the titled owner from being saddled with future taxes after ownership has transferred. Advising the County Assessor of the transfer will not transfer the assessment records to the new owner. The only way to accomplish this is to apply for a Title Transfer Permit through the County Treasurer's Office.
Upon receipt of the Mobile Home Title Transfer from the County Treasurer's Office it must be taken along with the title to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for the transfer of the title to be completed.
If the title is lost for the mobile home, you will need to contact the law enforcement division serving your residence to request a VIN check. The officer will complete a form indicating the VIN number on the mobile home so the Bureau of Motor Vehicles can track the mobile home ownership in their records. You will need a Mobile Home Permit showing the taxes have been paid on the mobile home. With the location of the mobile home, the Treasurer's Office will be able to identify the last owner assessed for the mobile home. All property tax must be paid to obtain the permit including property taxes assessed to previous owners. You would need to apply for a duplicate or replacement title at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Mobile home tax not paid within one year of being billed will receive a DEMAND NOTICE. Failure to pay the demand will result in the taxes being certified to the Clerk of the Courts as a judgment.  The tax amount certified continues to have additional penalties added on a daily basis. Payment for judgments may be made by phone through AFCS at 1-888-317-2327 or may be mailed to AFCS, 10333 N Meridian St.,Suite 270, Indianapolis, IN 46290.
Mobile home owners may apply for a homestead credit if the mobile home is a full time, permanent residence as evidenced by where the taxpayer files his Indiana income tax, where the taxpayer votes and where the taxpayer registers their vehicles. Mobile home owners may apply for a mortgage exemption also if the mortgage is recorded in the County Recorder's Office. The maximum deduction for a mobile home is one half of the assessed value. Exemptions are filed in the County Auditor's Office. You may contact the County Auditor's Office at 1-574-372-2316.