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Solomon Sechrist Joint Board ""UPDATE""

Solomon Sechrist Joint Board 3/23/2017

Kosciusko and Marshall counties will form a joint Drainage Board to discuss increasing the annual assessments on the Solomon Sechrist drain.


Chairman of the Joint Board: Steve Schweisberger, Elkhart County Surveyor and 5th member.

Marshall County Joint Board Members: Mike Delp & Dan Voreis

Kosciusko County Joint Board Members: Dennis Darr & Steve Metzger

The Joint Board approved the rate per acre at $5.00 and the minimum assessment at $25.00. The Board also approved a 6 year collection, meaning that if the balance in the maintenance fund is 6 times the annual collection or more, then the drain will not collect again until that balance is below the 6 times annual collection. Once the balance is below the 6 times annual collection the drain will begin collecting again the following Spring.

Notices of the hearing will be sent to all landowners in Kosciusko and Marshall Counties that own property within the watershed area 30 days prior to the hearing date.  

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