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Agenda September 26, 2019 Drainage Board Meeting and Results


September 26, 2019



VARIANCE: Deeds Creek for Michael South.  He is wanting to put up a building within the 75 foot drain right of way.  Property is located at 1748 Husky Trail Warsaw.  The Drainage Board denied this variance request. 

VARIANCE: Will Tucker Drain for Carl Shankster. Requesting a new septic system within the 75 foot drain right of way.  The property is located at 12777 S Packerton Rd., Silver Lake. The Drainage Board approved this variance request at 30' from the top of the bank. 

STONEBURNER PUTNEY DRAIN:  The Board will consider a 25% increase for the annual maintenance.  The rate per acre now is $3.00 and the minimum is $25.00.  The increase will make it $3.75 per acre with a $31.25 minimum.  The Drainage Board approved the 25% increase.  This increase will appear on the landowners real estate tax statement for the year of 2019 pay 2020. 

TURKEY CREEK DAM: The Board will consider signing a letter prepared by the Drainage Board Attorney which states our obligation(s) per the drainage statutory on the ditch repairs downstream of the dam, and requests the Town of Syracuse's approval of the letter.  A motion was made to accept the letter prepared by Richard Helm, Drainage Board Attorney, and that Cary Groninger will sign it. 

Silveus Reconstruction Bid Opening: Two bids were accepted and taken under advisement.  

Other business:  Discussion concerning workmans comp on the certificate of liability form for our contractors. The Board has asked for more information at the next meeting.