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Where do I find birth or death certificates?
Contact the County Health Department at 574-372-2349. There will be a charge to obtain these copies.
Do I need to have an appointment made beforehand for the Immunization Clinic?
The Immunization Clinic is walk in only.
When can my child start to receive Immunizations?
A child can start to receive immunizations when they are two months old.
Do I need to bring anything with me to the Immunization Clinic?
Yes, it is extremely important that you bring the child's shot record to the clinic. There is an $8.00 administering charge per vaccine. Cash, Credit Card or Medicaid are accepted.
Does the Immunization Clinic provide International Travel vaccines?
Yes, the Immunization Clinic does provide the most common International Travel vaccines. There is a fee. For further information, contact the clinic at (574) 267-7028.
How do I become qualified for Prenatal Care?
A home visit is required to determine eligibility for the Prenatal Program and the Early Start Prenatal Clinic.
I live outside the city limits, what can I burn?
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has a burn ordinance that must be followed regardless of where you live in Kosciusko County. Only clean wood products are allowed to be burnt. Some examples of clean wood products include leaves, branches, and paper. All other trash must be taken to a sanitary land fill.
What do I need to apply for a birth certificate?
You need to bring a United States photo ID (i.e. driver's license, state ID). If you do not have a Photo ID, contact the Health Department at (574) 372-2349 and ask to speak to a Vital Records Registrar and discuss alternate forms of Identification that are acceptable. The cost for a birth certificate is $7 (seven dollars). You will receive a combo packet that includes a laminated wallet and standard size birth certificate.
Who can apply for my birth certificate if I cannot apply for it myself?
A mother, father, brother and sister (if they are over 18), grandparents can apply for you. However, a step-mother or a step-father cannot apply for a birth certificate for you. If you have any question about who can apply, please contact the Vital Records Department at 574 372-2349
Where can I locate genealogy information for research purposes?
You can contact the Kosciusko County Historical Society by calling (574) 269-1078. You can also use the genealogy links provided on our website.
How do I obtain a genealogy report on someone who died in Kosciusko County?
Please go to document center and download the genealogy report application. In the interest of privacy and also keeping in mind the historical worth of our records, we will provide genealogy reports on deaths over 50 years old.
Where is the Immunization Clinic located?
The Kosciusko County Immunization Clinic is located at 1515 Provident Drive, Suite 160, Warsaw, Indiana. The clinic is in the same area as the Kosciusko Community Hospital. The main phone number for the clinic is 574 267 7028
Does the clinic do TB skin testing?
The Kosciusko County Health Department Clinic will offer TB skin tests to those needing them for work or school for a small fee. TB skin testing will be on Mondays only. Please contact the clinic at (574) 267-7028 for further information.
Results 1-13 of 13