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When do I need a right-of-way permit?
There are two types of permits - a Right-of-Way Permit and a Discharge Permit. A Right-of-Way permit is required anytime work is to be performed in a county right-of-way. Examples of "working" in the right-of-way is - but not limited to - installing new drive way and / or any type of excavation. A Discharge Permit is needed whenever water is to be discharged into the county right-of-way. Depending on the circumstances, a single project involving both types of activities can be combined into one permit application with one fee.
Can I install a drain line to the County Right-of-way?
A permit is required to install any drain line or tile to the County Right-of-way. In general, any form of permanent flow into the right-of-way will not be permitted. Examples of such is - but not limited to - sump pump discharges, washing machine discharges or geothermal discharges.
What are the fees for each type of permit from the Highway Department?
Each permit has an application fee of $40.00 made payable to the Kosciusko County Treasurer.
What type of information is needed for a permit application from the Highway Department?
The following items are needed before a permit application can be processed: 1. Completed application. 2. Location map. 3. Payment of the $40.00 fee.
How long does it take to obtain a permit from the Highway Department?
Generally speaking, a permit application can be processed in approximately one week after the KCHD receives a completed application. Some situation may require additional time.
How long is a permit good for from the Highway Department?
A permit is good for one year.
How far does my driveway need to be from my property line?
At this point Kosciusko County does not have a policy on the distance between the driveway and property line. It is recommended that there is some distance as to be a good neighbor and also to not accidentally cross the side property line.
How does the Highway Department decide when to repave roads?
The county is divided into eight maintenance districts that are approximately the same mileage. Each district is given approximately the same budget to make road repairs. Each year the district's roads are evaluated and prioritized by road condition.
Results 1-8 of 8