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How much does it cost to defer my traffic ticket?
The fee for participating in the Infraction Deferral Program is $189.00. This will be paid at the Kosciusko County Clerk's Office after you are formally accepted into the program.
What happens if I get another traffic ticket or charged with a crime while I am participating in the deferral program?
If you receive another ticket or charged with a criminal offense while you are still completing a term of deferral, you must notify the Director of the Deferral Program at the Kosciusko County Prosecutors Office, (574)372-2419, promptly (within 7 days). The original ticket may be reinstated and you must pay the fines and court costs associated with the original ticket at the Kosciusko County Clerks Office or contest it. In addition, the violation will be forwarded to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Will I have to go to Court if I sign up for the deferral program?
No, as long as the Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorneys Office is in receipt of your signed and paid Infraction Deferral Agreement on or before the due date on the ticket.
Who qualifies for the deferral program?
Persons charged with traffic infractions. In some instances, persons with multiple traffic infractions may be allowed to participate in the program. You should review the qualifications listed on the Infraction Deferral Program Form. Eligibility is at the complete discretion of the Kosciusko County Prosecutor. If you are an out-of-state driver, you must provide a copy of your current State driving record with your completed Infraction Deferral Agreement.
Results 1-4 of 4