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What is needed for a permit?
Depending on what you are attempting to do you may need a hearing prior to obtaining a permit however the general requirements may be seen by looking at the zoning ordinance on the materials page. The type of project will also dictate what additional information you will need. Location of the proposed project and also make a difference. In order to assist you efficiently we will need a detail of your project and and exact location.
What are the required setbacks for my property?
In order for our office to efficiently answer this question, we will need to know the location of the property. This may be accomplished by providing our office with either a property address, property owners name or a property key number. This will enable us to find the property and determine what the zoning is and if there are any special circumstances for that property. If you wish to see general setbacks you may find them within the Kosciusko County Zoning Ordinance. You should be aware though that zoning and use are not always the same. In order to find out the zoning classification of your property, you should contact our office.
Can I divide or split my property?
Remaining property divisions depend on each individual tract of ground and the history of that specific tract. In order to find out you should contact the Area Plan Commission office with the key number of the property in order to complete a property research form or you may submit a request online. There are however, some basic rules and definitions that my be found in the County Subdivision Control Ordinance. These may help you understand what constitutes a subdivision.
What is needed for a Variance or Exception?
You will need to provide the following when petitioning for either a Variance or Exception; 1.) Legal Description of Property in Question including property address. This may be in the form of property deed, legal survey, or other legal description. 2.) Site Plan indicating exactly where new construction is going to be on the property, the size of the additions or buildings, and all other structures on the property. 3.) Property owners name & mailing address if different from the petitioner. 4.) Description of what you wish to petition for. 5.) Filing Fee ($150.00 per hearing). If the filing fee is being paid for by check it should be made out to the Kosciusko County Treasurers Office.
What is the jurisdiction of the A.P.C.?
The Area Plan Commission is a countywide office. However, there are some towns and cities that choose not to participate with our program. Those cities and towns that do not participate with us may or may not have their own form of a planning/building department. Other then the unincorporated areas of the county those towns that DO participate with the Kosciusko County Area Plan Commission are Claypool, Syracuse, Pierceton, Silver Lake, Milford, Etna Green, Burket, and North Webster.
When is the next hearing or filing deadline for Board of Zoning Appeals or Planning?
All of our hearing dates and deadlines are listed on our events page.
What is the flood program, how do I find out if I'm in a flood plain, and what do I do if I am in a flood plain?
Kosciusko County Participates in the Nation Flood Insurance Program in order to make flood insurance available to all those in the community. For more information please see our flood page.
Do I need a permit to put up a fence?
If the property where the fence is intended to go is within a special flood hazard area then it does require a flood development permit. If the property is not within a flood zone then under the Kosciusko County Zoning Ordinance a permit is not required for fences, however, there are restrictions for fencing which may be found under sections 3.11.7, 3.11.8, & 3.1.9 of the Kosciusko County Zoning Ordinance.
Do I need a permit to dig a pond?
Yes, per Section 3.28 of the Kosciusko County Zoning Ordinance, you would need to contact the Area Plan Commission. If the pond impacts a County regulated drain or regulated drain easement you must also contact the County Surveyor's office. If wetlands are impacted, you MAY need to contact the Army Corps of Engineers, IDEM, or IDNR.
What needs a permit if my property is within a floodplain?
Essentially any "development" in a floodplain from remodeling/repairing a home to filling a property requires a flood development permit. A general listing of what requires a permit can be found on the Area Plan Commission Flood Info Page. We encourage anyone doing work in a flood plain to contact our office prior to the work.
Results 1-10 of 10