Kosciusko County, Indiana

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Locations Facilities Type Hours
Area Planning Office   County Building  
Beyer Park   Park  
Bixler Park   Park  
Boggs Building   City Building  
Burket Educational Center   Schools  
CCAC   Athletic Complex  
Center Lake Pavillion   Park  
Central Park   Park  
Claypool Elementary School   Schools  
Edgewood Middle School   Schools  
Eisenhower Elementary School   Schools  
Funk Park   Park  
Harrison Elementary School   Schools  
Hire Park   Park  
Jefferson Elementary School   Schools  
Justice Building Multi-Purpose Room   County Building  
KC Recycling Depot   Other  
Kelly Park   Park  
Ker Park   Park  
Kiddieland Park   Park  
Kiwanis Park   Park  
Kosciusko County Court House   County Building  
Kosciusko County Fair Grounds Shrine Building   Other  
Kosciusko County Highway Department   County Building  
Locations 1-25 of 59