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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Andrew, Barry Director of Community Corrections Probation   574-265-2484
Andrew, Ryan Dispatcher 911 Communications 574-267-5667
Andrews, Leslie Part time Health Nurse Health Department    
Bailey, Dana Juvenile Probation Officer Probation   574-372-2412
Baker, Krista Drainage Board Secretary Surveyor 574-265-2620 x 2620
Baxter, William Environmental Scientist (Well) Health Department 574-372-2349
Bishop, Robert J. IV-D Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Child Support 574-372-2425
Bitting, Robert GIS Technician Surveyor 574-265-2914 x 2392
Boggs, Melissa Chief Deputy Clerk County Clerk 574-265-2639
Brooks, Tami Dispatcher 911 Communications 574-267-5667
Brown, Helen Prenatal Community Health Worker Health Department   574-267-7028
Burchette, Sherri Ann Deputy Assessor Assessor 574-372-2310
Burkhart, Bobbi Field Assessor Assessor 574-372-2383
Burton, Nathan Environmental Food Specialist Health Department  
Carson, Kim Deputy Assessor Assessor 574-371-2614
Chapman, Gail Chief Deputy Assessor 574-265-2604
Conley, Robert Southern District Commissioner County Commissioners 574-269-3871
Cook, Tina Dispatcher 911 Communications 574-267-5667
Craft, Deb Dispatcher 911 Communications 574-267-5667
Davis, Darby Commercial/Industrial Assessor-Appraiser Assessor 574-265-2649
Day, Jennifer Personal Property Supervisor Personal Property 574-372-2379
DeWilde, Jeanne Chief Public Health Nurse Health Department 574-267-7028
Engelberth, Susan Assessor Assessor 574-372-2312
Eppenbaugh, Rachel Dispatcher 911 Communications 574-267-5667
Garber, Jon District 4 Rep. County Council 574-491-6126
Staff 1-25 of 115