Requesting DD214/Records


The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) / National Archives has been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic and has not yet returned to full operations in order to request and receive records (including DD214s & discharge documents, service & medical records).

Once NPRC is at full operational status again, we will use the Standard Form 180 - Request Pertaining to Records to request records, or Veterans can use the online process via the National Archives.


Please check with your local county Recorder/Clerk where you lived when you discharged from the military. Sometimes Veterans file their discharge document with the Recorder in order to protect it if it's ever lost or stolen. If you think you've filed yours with your Recorder at any time, please visit the State Department of Veterans Affairs office to request a copy, then contact that office to arrange pickup.


The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indiana State Archives have copies of DD-214's on file for many Hoosier Veterans who entered the service from Indiana. Copies of these will be provided upon request to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The processing time for such a request is usually one or two weeks. The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs or your County Veterans Service Officer can assist you with the paperwork to obtain other documents from the federal government. Ref: IC 10-17-3. In most cases, if the veteran was discharged from 1989 to present IDVA has a copy on file. For discharges prior to 1989 contact the State Archives at 317-591-5222