GIS Data & Services

GIS Data
Kosciusko County has created and maintains hundreds of GIS layers. Much of this data is available for purchase. See the GIS Data and Map Pricing Ordinance and GIS Map and Data Request Form for details.
GIS Services
One of the main responsibilities of GIS Department is create custom maps and datasets. ArcGIS software has tools that allow us to combine our GIS layers with other tabular datasets. With these tools, we are able to perform complex mapping and database tasks. If you aren't able to get the data you need through the Beacon GIS System, contact us to see if we might be able to help with your mapping needs. With the custom map requests, there is often a small fee to pay for the paper and ink that is used in the printing process. Some examples of custom mapping requests include:
  • Aerial Photo Lake Depth maps. These are popular for people living along the lakes. Cost is around $15.00.
  • Maps for 5-K Running Races and Adventure Races.
  • Maps for Community Events such as the Downtown First Friday Events
  • Maps of 2 Foot Contours for sites
  • Maps/Data Analysis of lake shore change within Kosciusko County. This was done by comparing different years of aerial photography captured in the early spring.