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Child Support


  1. Office Hours - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. 
  2. Copies of payment histories are available at the cost of $1.00. If copies are needed the request should be made at least one (1) week before any deadline. If you request that copies be sent to you by mail be sure to enclose a stamped/self addressed envelope along with the $1.00 copy fee. 
  3. Know your cause number & ISETS Number - All payments are processed by ISETS numbers. Filings are processed by Cause Numbers. The cause number appears in the upper right hand corner of the court papers. You need to contact our office to get your ISETS number. If you are in doubt about your cause number, call your attorney or is your case has been handled by Legal Services or the Prosecutor's Office, you may wish to contact the appropriate office.


  1. Payments may be made in person or in our drop box.
  2. Form of Payment - Cash ONLY when paid in the Clerk's office. You may now pay with a debit/credit card through the State of Indiana at www.ChildSupportBillPay.com/Indiana, checks or money orders must be mailed to INSCCU, PO Box 7130, Indianapolis, IN 46207-7130.
  3. Information on Payment - When using the drop box on the face of each payment, please indicate the name of the payor, the name of the person receiving support and the ISETS Number.
  4. Child Support INSCCU Fees - There is a Fifty-Five Dollar ($55.00) per year fee that must be paid on each case that is handled through the Clerk's support system PAYABLE TO THE STATE OF INDIANA. This must be paid no later January 31st of each year. Please mail to the address listed above. 


  1. Receiving Payments - Normally, all support payments are mailed within 24 hours of receipt of payment if the payor has followed all the instructions noted above and the Clerk's Office has your current address.
  2. Special Circumstances - If you have received public assistance, you may have assigned your support rights to the State of Indiana. In that case, support payments are forwarded to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in Indianapolis. If you are no longer receiving public assistance, your check may be directed to Indianapolis but you should receive your current support during the first week of the following month. Based on current law, all support payments involving public assistance must be sent to Indianapolis and cannot be sent directly to those who have received public assistance unless proper notification is received from the State. Please be sure that you keep your address current at the state.