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Paternity Affidavits


Paternity means FATHERHOOD.  Establishing Paternity gives your child a legal father. 
Establishing paternity can make a difference for your child's whole life.  If the parents are not married to each other at the time of conception or when the child is born, they should both think about establishing paternity now.  Even if the parents live together or plan to marry, establishing paternity assures the child and parents certain rights.
Signing a Paternity affidavit is voluntary.
You are not able to reverse paternity and its legal responsibilities once you sign a Paternity Affidavit.  The father can sign a Paternity Affidavit even if he is married to someone else.  A woman who knowingly or intentionally falsely names a man as the child's biological father commits a Class A misdemeanor.
Information about your child's paternity and the process to establish paternity will be treated confidentially by hospital staff, the Health Department, the Prosecutor's Office and attorneys.
You must receive both written and oral information about your alternatives, rights, and responsibilities, and the effects of signing a Paternity Affidavit.
Contact Sara Grossman, Vital Records Registrar at the Kosciusko County Health Department for more information and/or to make an appointment to sign a Paternity Affidavit.